Who is she?

About Catherine

Earnest. Eccentric. Elegant.


Catherine Purcell is a millennial actor, singer, writer, part-time job juggler currently working up and down the East Coast of America, primarily residing in Washington Heights, Manhattan. Catherine grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia and attended an all-girl's, Catholic high school, where her passion for performance was sparked and cultivated (also where she collected a bevy of hilarious stories centering on the misadventures of the Sisters of St Joseph and their teenage, female charges). She then went on to study music and drama at the collegiate level in Washington, DC and London, England; since graduating, she has been working with consistency on new and classic works alike in New York, Washington, and Philadelphia. At 23, she has had the privilege of performing at venues such as Joe's Pub at the Public, The Kennedy Center, The Walnut Street Theatre, and Signature Theatre, to name a few, was in the founding class of college apprentices at the Shakespeare Theatre Company in DC, and has been featured on three original cast recordings. She has also been a winner of the Hamilton Lottery, so she considers herself a pretty lucky gal. 

In her free time, Catherine enjoys music of the indie variety, coffee, Wes Anderson and Steven Spielberg films (any good film, really), dogs, sometimes children, dissecting Shakespeare, and collaborating with her friends on sketches, music, and other original material. Any questions? Feel free to send her an email at catherinemaurapurcell@gmail.com



What's the buzz?

"A young soprano with a perfect voice for the anthem"- The Wall Street Journal's review of Catherine's performance The Smithsonian's A Star-Spangled Story: Battle for America. 

"Catherine Purcell’s (Monica) work is new to me, but her sympathetic, pointed portrayal of a confused, overworked daughter just trying to keep it together for her sister and her failing mother makes me want to see more."- The Zebra on Catherine's performance in Kaleidoscope

"Catherine Purcell and Zack Krajnyak as lovers Johanna and Anthony were wonderful, adeptly showing why romances worth dying for make for the most beautiful stories. With the bounce in their steps of young lovers and the beautiful voices that would make anyone swoon, they were ideal for the roles." BroadwayWorld on Catherine's take on Johanna in Sweeney Todd

"Catherine Purcell displays a soaring soprano voice and effective versatility called for by her role"- DCTheatreScene on Catherine's work in Kaleidoscope

"Catherine Purcell brings a quiet sureness to the role of Olga, the eldest daughter...her voice reaching soaring, operatic heights. Her simple, strong faith as shown here is borne out by historical fact."-DCMetroTheatreArts on Catherine's portrayal of Olga Romanov in Romanov

"Purcell's voice is startlingly good on songs like "(When I Marry) Mr. Snow""-DCMetroTheatreArts on Catherine's turn as Carrie Pipperidge in Carousel